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NHL Attempts to End 2012 Lockout With Full Season Offer

The NHL has tried to end the Lockout and have a full 82 game season starting on November 2nd.  They are trying to implement a 50-50 split of all of the hockey generated revenue.  NHL commissioner Gary Bettman says the deal will make sure the players get full value out of their extended deals.  We now have to wait to see the response of the NHLPA and their head Donald Fehr.  This has been the third lockout during Gary Bettman’s reign.


Cardinals Carpenter Not Usual Post Season Self in Game 2

St. Louis Cardinals post season ace Chris Carpenter had an unusual start Monday night in Game 2 of the NL championship.  Carpenter who has the most post season wins in Cardinals history let up 5 runs and 6 hits in 4 innings against the giants.  However did not have a strong outing on the mound he was able to contribute with an RBI double giving St. Louis their lone run.  Carpenter was a major contributor to the Cardinals winning the World Series going 4-0 and winning game seven of the World Series.

Philadelphia Eagles Let Castillo Go After Another 4th Quarter Fail

The Philadelphia Eagles have decided to let go of their defensive coordinator Juan Castillo after 18 seasons with the organization.  Philly has dropped multiple games in the 4th quarter after having a lead.  This was only Castillo’s second season as the defensive coordinator but  head coach Andy Reid felt like it was time to let him go.  He promoted secondary Coach Brian Bowles to take over who is in his first season with the Eagles.